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Mastering the Art of Negotiation

Creating & Distributing Value

For over 30 years we help professionals and organisations to create and divide value in a sustainable manner.

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Mastering the Art of Negotiation

Sound negotiation skills are crucial nowadays. Practically every business decision is preceded by some negotiation process. Our range of coaching, training and advisory services will surely help you to successfully conclude any negotiation. 

How can we help you to create more value?



​A personal approach and advice to structure the negotiation process and close better business deals, while keeping good relationships.



Develop the right skill- and mindset to create breakthroughs. Individually, with your team or organisation wide.



Learn to deal with pressure and conflicts, work together more effectively, learn to delegate or improve your tactical and strategic insight together with our coaches.

Business Accelerator

Looking for a boost for yourself or your organisation? Our Business Accelerator approach creates concrete results for any desired strategic business goal - in only several months. More revenue from your current client base, improved margins resulting from projects & contracts or higher customer satisfaction and loyalty - it can basically be anything.

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Our Book

"Mastering the art of Negotiation" goes beyond making good business deals: its about creating value together, dividing the pie responsibly and strenghtening the relationship - all at the same time. Now "the winner takes it all" thought seems to gain popularity, our view is a refreshing alternative. 

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