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7 Principles in 7 Hours

Negotiating is a core competency that is useful in all sorts of situations: in managing (projects), in partnerships, in coming to agreements in complex situations.


In this workshop you will get acquainted with the 7 principles of successful negotiations, based on the Harvard method. This is a good introduction for those who are not yet familiar with negotiating.

Parts of the Workshop

What makes


Training Unique?

Training in onderhandelen


In the morning we will introduce the seven principles to you in an interactive presentation.



In the afternoon we will apply the theory to practice with challenging exercises and role playing. In this way you will become comfortable with the application of the principles.



After this workshop you will be aware of the negotiation process, and you will be able to apply the principles and skills in real life. A few weeks after the workshop we ask you to evaluate the following: In what aspects have you grown? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What to expect?

You will learn how you keep a clear head, a warm heart, strong legs and nimble feet as a negotiator. Especially if the situation is complex, if the interests are great or if games are being played.

In seven hours we will introduce you to the principles of "Mastering the Art of Negotiation". The principles are presented in an interactive way, and we will connect them to personal cases.


Step by step you will discover that negotiation is everywhere. We will provide you with tools that you can apply in daily practice.


What are the Results?

Na iedere training peilen we de resultaten voor de deelnemers. Onze cursisten rapporteerden de volgende effecten:  

  • After the workshop, our participants reported the following:

  • They are able to influence more effectively;

  • They know how to prepare a negotiation systematically and thoroughly;

  • They have a broader range of possibilities to steer negotiations;

  • They are better able to deal with challenging negotiators, do not give in to pressure, and are able to restore relational tensions;

  • They succeed in finding a common ground in diverging interest, based on reasonableness;

  • They are more skilled at finding creative solutions together.

For our clients this led to, among other things, a higher turnover, profit increase, higher customer satisfaction, contract awards and recognition of additional work.

At RoutsLaeven we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results at the end of the workshop, we will refund your investment.



€ 495,-

excl. VAT and day delegate rate

Upcoming trainings days


Number of Days



Size of the Group

6 - 15 participants


"De Werkplaats" at the "Zonnestraal Estate" in Hilversum


Workshop Days

Take the next step

Become an agile negotiator and register directly for the workshop.

Almost certain? Contact us. If possible, we can reserve your spot so you can make a well though-out decision.

If multiple members of your team or organisation have the same training need,we are glad to discuss our in-company solutions with you.

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