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Commercieel Onderhandelen

Commercial Negotiation

For people who are mainly involved in 'dealmaking', creating deals from a commercial role, recurring dilemmas often play a role: How do I realize an optimal deal while preserving the relationship? How open can I be without becoming vulnerable? How do I break through deadlocks? And how do I bridge contradictions without a struggle?

Commercial negotiation doesn't have to be a contest with winners and losers

Since 1984, RoutsLaeven has been working with the principles and principles of Harvard Negotiation (the Harvard Negotiation Project). A negotiation approach based on winning without losers. Because we noticed that these 'commercial' questions increasingly also play a role in collaboration, project management and conflict resolution, the 'commercial' participants have been coming together with others for some time in our open registration Constructive Negotiation with the Harvard Method . A wonderful mix of participants and different business challenges is created there, where everyone gets what he or she is looking for.

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The context is often of the same order for many: You are involved almost every day in more or less important negotiations ('Everything is Negotiation'). Every day you have to weigh up the interests of your company (institute/department, etc.), those of the other person(s) and your own. Finding a good balance between these interests requires flexible behaviour, overview and ingenuity.  


And certainly in a commercial environment you will want to be able to cope with games that are played and you want to be able to deal with such behavior in a nimble way so that you can positively influence your results. 

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