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Hugo Crul Routslaeven

Hugo Crul

When I first became acquainted with the Harvard principles of negotiation in 1995, it felt like coming home. I love complex, difficult negotiation situations. Together we analyze where the crux is, determine the strategy from there and then experiment how you conduct the actual conversation, always with respect for the other person and yourself. Empathetic, firm and creative. 

  • Hugo Crul

In doing so, I help you discover that subtle nuances in words, tone and body language are often a confrontational mirror of your intentions. That's what makes learning better how to negotiate such an exciting, lifelong journey. It makes you a nicer person: for others and yourself.

Hugo studied Geography (University of Amsterdam) and Business Administration (Erasmus University and Northwestern University). He worked in Sales, Account Management and Business Development for Digital Equipment and came into contact with the Harvard philosophy of constructive negotiation 25 years ago. That felt like coming home. He joined RoutsLaeven for which he has served many people and companies through training, coaching and advice. Hugo also assists various organizations and people in the public sector, from employees at municipalities and provinces to civil servants who operate internationally.

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