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Aikido en Alles is onderhandelen

​​In our workshops we often refer to an oriental martial art: Aikido. While some martial arts originated from the idea of attcking your opponent, Aikido is all about "switching on your fellow"; it is a way of defending yourself, while protecting your "opponent". This philosophy makes it a perfect metaphor for the Harvard method of negotiation.​

What is Aikido?

In an experiment, a number of people were once asked to take turns standing on a narrow plank. Around this shelf was a tent, painted with vertical stripes. This tent was run.  All these people lost their balance and fell off the shelf.


Then a number of Aikidoka's were asked to stand on the board. None of them fell off: they had developed an inner strength that enabled them to stay upright, upright and in their midst.

Nowadays you see how more and more people are finding it more difficult to survive in an environment that is constantly moving and changing.

The Aiki Approach is essentially aimed at discovering our inner strength. Then you look like the eye of the hurricane: at the same time silent and that enormous source of power and dynamics. Then you are no longer an effect, but a cause. Then you live and work from your middle


The three syllables in ‘Aikido’ all have their own meaning:


Balance and harmony.


Lifelust, breathing power, the essence, the human being. Comparable to the Hebrew word 'ruach', or 'spiritus' in Latin


Comparable to the Chinese word ‘tao’ for journey.

Aalt Aalten

In any company, Aalt is everywhere wearing socks. He provides proof that to make a big impression, shoes are not important. He usually starts with this opening question.  "Are you willing to see the world a little differently for the next 3 hours?"

Aalt is fascinated by the countless exercises in martial arts that form a great metaphor for everyday life as well as for business. From this he developed the Aiki Approach, a method in which Aikido principles are experienced, without practicing the martial art itself. As a result, one can effectively maintain calm and overview in times of stress, perform with considerably less effort and create a very vital and productive environment.

Aalt studied Social Sciences and Psychomotor Therapy in Amsterdam. He has been practicing martial arts for over 40 years and translating them into everyday life, top sport and business. He mainly provides this in the form of management training and leadership training worldwide.

Aikido & Constructive Negotiation

Aikido is an important part of our Constructive Negotiation training. Aalt takes you along in his Aiki Approach and that is guaranteed a  unique and pleasantly confronting experience.  Connecting and continuing together, the art of engaging the other are important elements in this.  Through physical exercises you experience 'aha experiences' that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

"Aalt Aalten has been training the top of the Dutch business community for 25 years. He is seen as one of the best kept secrets for top managers in our country [...] The only inspiring course I have ever followed".  

(Heitema, Financieel Dagblad 2008)

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