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Constructive Negotiations

This training has helped many people for 40 years in both their negotiations and personal development. The merger of RoutsLaeven with FP&P has bundled 80 years of Negotiation and Training experience into a new Negotiation Program, in which the power of both agencies comes to life. read here more

What can you expect?

In the workshop Constructive Negotiations you will learn to master the art of negotiation, while keeping an eye on yourself and others.

We are the most experienced trainers using the Harvard method in the Netherlands. During the workshop you will learn about the essential principles. You will be provided with a structure that is applicable in every negotiation.

In this workshop you will develop into a versatile negotiator, allowing you to make deals better and faster. You will recognize games and deal with them as they are being played. You will be able to get all parties' interests on the table and will be able to prepare and execute negotiations in a structured manner. We also pay attention to creativity and how to cope with pressure.

What makes


Training Unique?


Parts of the Workshop

Alles is Onderhandelen boek


As a preparation, you will read some chapters of our book "Mastering the Art of Negotiation", which you will receive at home. In addition, we ask you to fill in two online questionnaires that will help you gain insight into your negotiation style. A thorough preparation allows us to focus on effective workshop days that have impact and allow for personal feedback.

Onderhandelen Geurt Jan de Heus

Workshop Days

During the first two workshop days we will introduce you to the most important concepts. This will be done in small groups of six to nine participants. We then continue with challenging exercises and role playing, which we systematically analyze with the help of video. 

Aikido en Onderhandelen Aalt Aalten


​​This Oriental martial art is the perfect metaphor for the Harvard Negotiation Method. Aalt Aalten - our 'guide' in this field - will introduce you to Aikido. We can guarantee you it will be a unique and pleasantly confronting experience! Though various physical exercises you will experience "Aha!" moments that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Onderhandelingstraining RoutsLaeven praktijkdag

Practice Day

The 'practice day' will be held two months after the first module. We invite you to share your first successes and discuss the hurdles you encountered. We take stock of the learning and training questions and start working with current practical situations. Each participant prepares a personal case, using the checklist from the first module.

Evaluation & Results

Three months later we will reflect on your newly acquired skills. In which situations did you apply them, and with what results? 

What makes


Training Unique?

What are the Results?

After every workshop we ask feedback from our participants - they report the following:


  • They are able to influence more effectively;

  • They know how to prepare a negotiation systematically and thoroughly;

  • They have a broader range of possibilities to steer negotiations;

  • They can better deal with challenging negotiators, do not give in to pressure and know how to alleviate relational tensions;

  • They succeed in finding a common ground in diverging interest, based on reasonableness;

  • They are more skilled at finding creative solutions together.

For our clients this led to, among other things, a higher turnover, profit increase, higher customer satisfaction, contract awards and recognition of additional work.

At RoutsLaeven we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results at the end of the workshop, we will refund your investment.




€3.055,- excl. VAT

Price excludes:


Dinner, lunches and hotel:


Amount of days:


Group size:

6 - 12 participants


To be determined

For the training dates, see the FP&P website

Zet de volgende stap...

Become an agile negotiator and register directly for the workshop.

Almost certain? Contact us. If possible, we can reserve your spot so you can make a well though-out decision.

If multiple members of your team or organisation have the same training need,we are glad to discuss our in-company solutions with you.

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