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Negotiating in Complex Projects

Project and program managers have to deal with all sorts of negotiations every day: with clients, team members, colleagues, suppliers, business partners and governments. In many sectors the interests are great, the playing field is complex and the risks are considerable. New partnerships and contracts form additional challenges. Large projects often run out of time and are prone to cost overruns, which leads to disappointing results.


Methods such as Prince2 and Agile are used to control the complex and dynamic process. The interests of stakeholders may change or remain hidden, relationships are put under pressure and irritations arise. Clients, business partners and suppliers may play games with you. Legal processes, while being a far from ideal solution, seem inevitable. Negotiations within your own organization are also becoming more difficult: you have to work different departments, follow governance processes and at the same time remain decisive. Not to mention the challenges that arise when dealing with different cultures.

What makes


Training Unique?

What can you expect?

In the workshop "Negotiating in complex projects" you will learn how to handle the complexity that you encounter in your professional life. You will increase your insight in building solid partnerships and dealing with the tactical and strategic aspects of working with multiple parties.

We provide tools that will help you to make good decisions with the parties involved, keeping in mind the content as well as the relationship.

You will learn how to create support for creative solutions and get tools to achieve a reasonable distribution of costs and benefits. You will learn to listen  to your intuition, and based on this, choose the right intervention.


You will also learn to recognize cultural differences and to deal with them effectively. To achieve this, we have been using the foundation of the Harvard method of Negotiation for 30 years.

training samenwerken in complexe projecten

Parts of the Workshop

What are the Results?

After the workshop, our partcipants reported the following:


  • Participants have more influence on their project team and in the contact with the client;

  • They know how to systematically and thoroughly prepare for a project kick-off, interim evaluations or a final interview;

  • They are also able to foresee and anticipate on (political) bottlenecks;

  • They experience increased agility at the negotiation table and are able to deal with complex processes more effectively and efficiently;

  • Changes in scope, additional work and conflicts are discussed with more confidence and are resolved more constructively;

  • They are better able to deal with challenging opponents and do not directly give in to pressure, are able to restore relational tensions and resolve contradictions based on reasonableness;

  • Creative solutions are found easier, creating more room to weigh different alternatives;

At RoutsLaeven we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results at the end of the workshop, we will refund your investment.

What makes


Training Unique?

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