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Our Book

"Mastering the art of Negotiation" stretches the definition of negotiations beyond making good business deals: its about managing decision-problems, finding solutions together, leadership, creating partnerships and dealing with the so-called "games that people play". The book describes 7 guiding principles that help you to deal with the challenges that you'll encounter in any negotiation.

"Illustrated with beautiful and compelling visuals, Geurt Jan de Heus has created an insightful and practical guide for negotiating win-win solutions. Very useful indeed!"

William Ury, co-author of "Getting to Yes" and author of "Getting to Yes with Yourself"

From the start until the end: a practical guide for the negotiation process

The principles that are explained in "Mastering the art of Negotiation" help you in the preparation phase of any negotiation. Going through them, they also serve as guidance for your approach.


We portray the negotiation process as a round table: a symbol of connection in which everyone strives to find a solution that serves mutual interests.

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Our book is available in English and Dutch through various (online) stores:

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