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Business Accelerator

Looking for a boost for yourself or your organisation? Our Business Accelerator approach creates concrete results for any desired strategic business goal - in only several months. More revenue from your current client base, improved margins resulting from projects & contracts or higher customer satisfaction and loyalty - it can basically be anything.

Business versnellers

How does our approach work?

Our approach is based on renowned research and proves to work over and over again in practice. In 90 to 120 days we open up the hidden capacity to accelerate your organisation. Every organisation possesses this capacity and with our Business Accelerator approach we create the right conditions to release it. By doing so we can achieve great results.

Hoe doet BV dat?
Business versnellers project

What does the approach look like?

Every project is fully tailored: we design it together with you. We help to choose goals that seem unachievable. Next, we form teams and create a scoreboard that shows all subsequent actions and results. We challenge everyone to experiment and share experiences (also failures!). Along the way a good sense of humor helps us to connect.

Training & Coaching

Often some training and coaching is involved in the process, depending on the nature of the goal and the participants' skill level. We use a range of training modules in the fields of:

Personal effectiveness, leadership and teamwork.

Tenders and quotations: managing the tender process, structure, content and design of a compelling quotation/tender

Business Development: market analysis, value proposition design

Account management and planning

Acquisition: strategy, tactics and skills

Consultative Selling

Sales presentations; structure, content and design

Negotiation, working together in complexity and managing conflicts.

BV Aanmelden
Business versnellers project


We start with an exploratory conversation in which we assess whether your situation suits our approach. Sometimes we need to straighten things up before we can start, and sometimes everyone becomes enthusiastic and we start directly. Anyhow, these conversations always yield interesting insights! Feel free to make an appointment with us here! 

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