Would you like to realize a concrete business result, such as more customers, more revenue, improved partnerships or efficiency-improvements? Have a look at our training-services, consisting of open registrations and customized solutions such as our Business Accelerator Approach.

Customized Solutions


Regarding customized trainings, we strive to work in small groups (6-9 people) as this offers enough space for individual questions and personal feedback. Also, in small groups one cannot hide. The design of the training starts with specifying the behaviour and skills needed to achieve your business goals. Next, we make in inventory of real-life examples, hold intake interviews, read reports, notes, proceedings and more to get a good sense of the situation. Only then we can connect theory and practice aimed at the challenge at hand in an effective way. Usually, our trainings consist of 15% theory and 85% practical exercises.


We consider the primary responsibility for learning to be with the participant her/himself. We ask you to specify your personal learning goals and to discuss them with your manager before we start. This is often guided by a questionnaire.

Open Registrations

We offer a range of negotiation trainings via open registration. This way you'll not only learn from your own practical experience, but also from your fellow group members with experience in all kinds of organisations. Be inspired by new ideas and thoughts and connect with interesting people. Have a look at our open registration training programmes.

What makes


Training Unique?