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About Us

For over 30 years we strenghten the ability of professionals and organisations to create & distribute value in a sustainable manner. We help to develop strong, empathetic and creative negotiators. We use the foundations of the Harvard Method while doing so. Read more about our story and team: 

Our Story

Our story begins in 1986 when John Routs and Joep Laeven brought the Harvard principles of negotiation to The Netherlands. Over the years we have expanded these ideas & combined them with our expertise in the area of "driving business performance through learning".


We strongly believe that the foundations of the Harvard method can help everyone to become a strong, empathetic and creative negotiator. We believe that negotiation is initially about value creation - not value distribution. It's just better for the world. In all our programmes, we consider the primary responsibility for learning to be with the participant herself. We will remind you of this whenever needed. Regarding in-company trajectories, we learned throughout the years that beginning with setting concrete and challenging business goals is paramount before starting the actual training. This is also the very essence of our Business Accelerator approach. If you're used to buying a standardized training programme, this might be a 'shock', because we challenge you to have a critical look a the business structure yourself. In the end, the overall impact is much bigger - guaranteed! More value, faster...

Meet our Team

We are a very diverse team of experienced professionals. Everyone has his/her own specific expertise, experience and approach. Because of our long collaboration we are attuned to one another. Together we can deal with all kinds of different challenges/projects. Working together means to learn - from each other. That's what we do every day. Our diversity plays a crucial role in that process.

Ons team
Maureen Chester

Maureen Chester

Rolando Ranauro

Rolando Ranauro

Liesbeth Kole

Wilfried Dries

Wilfried Dries


Chris Jansen

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