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What sets us apart

There are many providers of training and courses in negotiation and collaboration. What makes the RoutsLaeven approach unique?

We use the Harvard method  of constructive negotiation

We base ourselves on the joint research program, the Program on Negotiation , of the universities of Harvard, MIT and Tufts. This program has been around for more than three  leading for decades.

We are very experienced trainers with practical experience

Our trainers are seasoned negotiators who have earned their spurs in leading complex projects with many stakeholders, ranging from sales to  conflict management and international diplomacy.

We focus on your skills

Because analysis and theory largely take place outside the training days, we create maximum space to practice learned skills together.


We consciously speak of a training instead of a course : you are an active part of the learning process yourself. That means a lot of practice so that you gain new insights and skills  can be applied immediately in practice.  

We focus on you practice

Action Learning, practicing with your own practical situations, is a core component of the training. We focus on skills that you  can apply directly (online or directly "at the table") and  measure the effect through a  Application & Result Measurement.


We bridge understanding and experience

Understanding insights from the theory is one thing; actually applying it when things get exciting is quite another. We organize our training courses in such a way that participants both understand and experience constructive negotiation. We do this in the multi-day training sessions, among other things through an Aikido session .

We specialize

We have been the leading agency for advice, coaching and training in negotiating and collaborating in complexity for 30 years. This specialization pays off for participants in a training with more depth.  Our multi-day classroom training sessions are deliberately divided into two blocks so that what has been learned in the intervening period  can be applied  turn into. In the second  In this block, knowledge and skills are deepened through coaching and by learning from each other's case studies. In our online training courses , we pay extensive attention to the impact that the medium (telephone, email, video) has on you and your negotiating partner(s). 

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