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Conflict Management

As we have years of experience with the Harvard Negotiating Approach, we are regularly consulted to help deadlocked partnerships, to restructure business partnerships and / or to help resolve conflicts. We have incorporated these experiences into a one-day program.

For this one-day workshop we assume that you are familiar with the basic principles of ‘Constructive Negotiations’ based on the Harvard principles.

What to expect?

What makes


Training Unique?

In this workshop you will gain insight into how people influence each other, both consciously and unconsciously, and how to deal with emotions and power games.

We focus on processes that enable you, together with the other parties involved, to come up with creative solutions for personal and business conflicts. How does your personal negotiation style influence the conflict? How can you use your strengths to find a solution? You may also run into (personal) barriers, which we will help you overcome.


Topics that will be covered are, amongst others:

  • Principles / attitude: The principles and rules of thumb of Constructive Negotiations, applied to managing conflicts.

  • Process / structure / decision-making: A structure that helps you to resolve a conflict constructively.

  • Relational dynamics: How do people influence each other, consciously and unconsciously? In particular, we deal with difficult emotions that may arise as a result of diverging expectations, power games and / or cultural differences. We also pay attention to 'depressurizing' and 'connecting & continuing'.

  • Creativity: Creating the willingness to achieve progress requires creativity. How do you create the conditions for this and how do you manage this process?

What makes


Training Unique?

Parts of the Workshop



You will review the 7 principles of negotiating constructively. Additionally, we ask you to draw upon your own experience: you'll analyze your own case with the help of our checklist 'conflict management'. These cases serve as the fuel for our workshop days.


Workshop Day

​Exercises are the focus on this day.

Because we work in small groups, we create safe/intimate climate which fosters experimentation and personal feedback. A unique opportunity to try different styles of communication!

Training in onderhandelen

Evaluation & Results

Three months later we measure how and in which situations you have implemented your new skills. You will reflect upon yourself: to what extent have you used your new insights and which goals did you reach?

What are the Results?

After the workshop, our partcipants reported the following:


  • Participants have more influence, especially when confronted with increasing pressure and tension;

  • They know how to prepare for solving disagreements and / or conflicts;

  • They feel more comfortable and skilled in dealing with emotions, games, tension, stalemates and conflict situations. They are also able to restore relational tensions with challenging partners;

  • They can facilitate a process in which parties collaboratively find creative solutions, and resolve contradictions based on reasonableness.

At RoutsLaeven we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results at the end of the workshop, we will refund your investment.



€ 845,-

excl. VAT and day delegate rate


Upcoming workshop dates

  • 17 October

Number of Days


Size of the Group

4 - 6 participants


"De Werkplaats" ot the "Zonnestraal Estate" in Hilversum


Take the next step

Become an agile negotiator and register directly for the workshop.

Almost certain? Contact us. If possible, we can reserve your spot so you can make a well though-out decision.

If multiple members of your team or organisation have the same training need,we are glad to discuss our in-company solutions with you.


Workshop Dates

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